Cliche Command-Line Shell  

Cliche Command-Line Shell

Release 2 (Mar 08, 2009)


The second release incorporates a lot of small changes, mostly in source code (major refactoring).

New features include some interesting builtin commands:

subshells, which allow you to traverse hierarchical structures, and last but not the least, complete yet very short manual!

Backward compatibility

This release is incompatible with previous one: Shell.createConsoleShell should be replaced by ShellFactory.createConsoleShell.

Now you should specify the prompt (ehm, now it's called "path element") as "cliche", and the Shell will display it as "cliche> ".

What's inside

This release includes Cliche jar (built against JRE 1.6), full source code and some documentation (javadocs included), that you can also find at Cliche home page (you've been there, aren't you?).

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