Cliche Command-Line Shell  

Cliche Command-Line Shell

Getting Started for Users

Using Cliche is easy. I'll explain you some important aspects of using the program explained in Getting Started for Developers.

Here's the sample session:

Enter '?list' to list all commands
cliche> ?list
Name         Abbr     ArgNum   Descr
hello        h        0        hello() : String
add-numbers  an       2        Add two integers
exit                  0        exit() : void
cat                   1        concatenate(String[]) : String
!about       !a       0        Info about special command handler
!exit                 0        Instantly breaks execution
?list        ?l       0        Lists all available commands
?list        ?l       1        Lists all available commands starting with given prefix
?help        ?h       1        Shows detailed info on all commands with given name
cliche> add-numbers 23 -40 
cliche> an 10 4
cliche> ?list !
Name        Abbr      ArgNum   Descr
!about      !a        0        Info about special command handler
!exit                 0        Instantly breaks execution
cliche> ?help cat
ABBREV: null
This command accepts 1 arguments:

cliche> ?help an
COMMAND: add-numbers
This command accepts 2 arguments:
        augmend       int        What a fancy word :)
        addend        int        

cliche> cat 8 ' cats and one ''dog''' " in here"
The concatenation is:
8 cats and one 'dog' in here
cliche> h
cliche> exit

You enter commands in response to the prompt, cliche>. To list all avaliable commands enter ?list or ?l. You will see a table showing name, abbreviation, argument count and short description of each command. You can enter list str to list only commands whose name starts with "str".

To get detailed help on the command, enter ?help cmdname. Yes, the system isn't perfect :)

To pass strings with spaces you can use quotes. To include quote or double-quote simply double it.

That's all! If you're interested in how it works, read the guide for developers.

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