Cliche Command-Line Shell  

Cliche Command-Line Shell


What is Cliche

Cliche is a small Java library enabling really simple creation of interactive command-line user interfaces. It uses metadata and Java Reflection to determine which class methods should be exposed to end user and to provide info for user. Therefore all information related to specific command is kept in only one place: in annotations in method's header. User don't have to organize command loop, write complicated parsers/converters for primitive types, though he can implement custom converters when needed.

How simple? So simple:

package asg.cliche.sample;

import asg.cliche.Command;
import asg.cliche.ShellFactory;

public class HelloWorld {

    @Command // One,
    public String hello() {
        return "Hello, World!";

    @Command // two,
    public int add(int a, int b) {
        return a + b;

    public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {
        ShellFactory.createConsoleShell("hello", "", new HelloWorld())
            .commandLoop(); // and three.

When to Use

Though interactive command-line UIs aren't spread wide, they can be extremely useful for their simplicity when program needs some kind of user interaction.

Of course you may use full-blown shell like BeanShell, but for small utilities it's a huge overkill. Cliche's jar is under 100 kilobytes, and there isn't much code to read, so you can easily fix any unacceptable behavior. It's perfectly suited for simple administrative utilities (I've made one for small web application when I was too lazy to make administrative JSPs to remove users, view statistics, etc.). And it proved helpful in experimenting with computational algoritms to quickly adjust parameters. Actually, we construct lots of very simple Swing UIs with couple of buttons and textboxes just to test some idea, and with Cliche you just write methods performing your task: much of IO handling and conversion is done for you.

Known Problems

One biggest is that there's no l10n possible, and maybe never will be. Cliche is intended to be used in two major cases: (1) when you need something quick and simple (and => dirty :), and (2) when you need your own Shell to approach rather complex task requiring some special knowledge. But the user that agrees to use damn old CLI usually knows either your language or can understand English :)

The second is that the help system is somewhat not smart, and this hopefully can be fixed in the future.


Very short but complete manual, User instructions, javadocs.



Copyright and License

© 2009 Anton Grigoryev.

Cliche is licensed under the very open source MIT License. Full freedom, no warranties.

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